Glorious Ghana
13-26 January 2013
Magie Relph and Bob Irwin
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Ghana, once home to the mighty Ashanti Kingdom, fought over by Colonial
Powers for its many riches is now a shining light in Africa of a stable nation
moving forward in the modern world.
One of Ghana's many riches is its textile traditions that still prosper to this very
day.  We will be joining long time visitors to Ghana Magie Relph and Bob Irwin
on a journey of exploration, seeking to gather a knowledge and experience of
the textile traditions of the region, as well as a feel for its history and traditions.
Weaving, Batik, Indigo, Beads...
there are many Fair Trade ventures and co-operatives to visit, enlarge your
stash for back home projects and take time to learn how it is done [bring an
apron you will be getting your hands dirty!]
In Accra we will meet up with long time resident Trish Graham who is a
beaded jewellery artist/designer and textile enthusiast. She’s been living and
working in Accra for 10+ years and will share her love of this city with us for an
insiders view.
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Daboya Indigo dye pits, magic as it comes out a rich green
and turns blue as it hits the air.

Bob takes research for the tours very seriously...always on
the look out for good food!
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