Moorish Delights of Andalusia and
12-30 May 2013
New itinerary- stay tuned...same,same
but a little different to last time.

Happy snaps from 2009
Fiona Wright

A long time ago a kingdom existed where the Three Peoples of the Book lived
together and created a culture of incredible beauty. These were the Muslim,
Jewish and Christian Moorish people of Andalusia in Southern Spain and
On this journey we will have a chance to trace a little of their history through
some of the beautiful remains left behind: incredible architecture, gardens to
equal those of paradise, delicious food and music. In Morocco Africa is more
strongly comes into the mix and a rich layer of textile culture is still to be seen–
think Magic carpets, softest leathers, rich embroidery...
A feast of impressions, splendid palaces, rich tapestries, labyrinth like markets
or souks, Medinas or walled cities, deserts and oasis, old Kasbahs; the famed
Imperial cities, Roman ruins and off the beaten track to some of the smaller,
colourful local markets, sunset and then sunrise in the Sahara desert are all to
be visited.
Inspired by Moorish  splendour we will work on a travel journal as a record of our
observations and the inspirations arising- a piece of work that will potentially
stand alone as an art work and certainly be a recourse for future inspiration.
This journey will be a literally a moving workshop, a group of like minded souls,
out to look, explore, discuss, a tutor to facilitate these explorations; the chance to
experience a very remarkable corner of our world. A small sketch book, handful
of pencils or paints and/or some swatches of cloth to stitch a sketch [the silk
seller in the market has a whole rainbow of threads!] and digital camera- a small
handful of tools to capture so much!
We will have it sit around the campfire on the edge of the Sahara to experience
Berber music and dancing, wander the maze of alleys in the old cities, sit in café’
s with sangria and watch the locals pass and snack on delectable treats along
the way! Oh the sacrifices one sometimes makes for their artistic development!
Something to think about...John Ruskin pointed out the importance of
sketching when travelling is not to become a great artist rather it is about taking
the time to look and really observe, really notice where you are. [I don't see
myself as much of a drawer so call it making diagrams to catch ideas and am so
much more relaxed about it- hey call it what makes you comfortable!]
Watch yourself when you are somewhere new- if you just click with a camera
what is your experience? If you sat for a moment and made a quick doodle/
sketch/ diagram [depending on the word you are comfortable with] what would
your experience of the location be like? Let us use a combination of the two.
Woven into the itinerary of the tour and the daily notes will be a series of
exercises, if you are inclined these can lay the basis to your creative journey/
If you can, do try and read these, they really set the scene
“A Handful of Honey” by Annie Hawes
“Leo of Africa” by Amin Maalouf
“Tales of the Alhambra” by Washington Irving.

Future tours will follow a similar itinerary.
Things that are Moorish or morish!....
Mint Tea before, during and after the Medina.
the silk merchants...
the shoe merchants
the olive mercahnts
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