Rajasthan- a Tactile Textile Tour
12-31October 2013
Group leaders- Fiona Wright and Parveen Nayak    

This is the tour our company started with, an adventure through the dramatic desert state of
Rajasthan and beyond. We now include a visit to a wonderful old fort in Gurgurat where our
host’s family were the rulers of the area for the past eight generations. Here we are looked
after with their warm hospitality, wonderful kitchen and have a chance to peak at their
breath-taking textile collection and time to wander in the local village, visiting the blacksmith
who makes fine knives and arrows, perhaps the potter...
We squeeze in a visit to the Calico Museum in Ahmedabad before spending a few days like
Kings at home in Udaipur.
As always our tour has the opportunity for lots of  hands-on activities-
embroidery with a
master whose family worked for Maharaja's
,chundri [tie and dye], indigo dying with mud
resist, block printing and a cooking class.
A sunset camel [or camel cart] safari before dinner and gypsy dancing, mighty forts and
palaces, serene temples, bustling market places the list of new experiences seems endless.
As they say- “In India, madam/sir anything is possible!”

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Future tours will follow a similar itinerary.
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