Sumptuous Syrian Textiles.
Next departure hoped for 2014

Damascus is a town that has always been there it seems.
Either Damascus, or Aleppo just up the road hold claim to being the world’s
oldest continuously inhabited cities –around 6000 years in all. Many characters
of the Old Testament hung out here as did Knights of the Crusades and today
many friendly, welcoming locals.

Dijanne Cevaal has a great affinity with the Middle East, she has taught and
toured Textile Exhibitions around many countries there and for her Syria rates as
a real highlight.
The people are very friendly and welcoming and there is so much  here intact
and easily accessible- extensive Roman Ruins, Crusader Castles, souks or
covered markets; a warren of treasures waiting to be discovered and bartered
over, packed full of carpets, textiles and hours worth of satisfying exploration.
As a recent travel article on Damascus points out “it is mix of Jews, Christians
and Muslims spiced by Greek, Roman, Persian, Byzantine, Arab and mostly
recently French culture” as you can guess not only will a sense of history prevail,
there is a  rich culture to explore and the food it amazing!

Imagine standing at the edge of the Souk, looking through a massive Roman
Gate at an eighth century mosque, your eye passing along a shop selling 21st
Century sunglasses- that view sums the country up- layers of history living

This journey of exploration will revolve around a travel journal- time to collect
ideas, discuss designs, sketch or stitch samples inspired by some of the places
we visit and things we see.

We will visit local artisan weavers, felt makers and a textile restorer,a gentleman
who weaves tent straps[Berber goat hair is the most desirable fibre as it is more
water proof!] , ancient roman ruins- Palmyra once a major stop on the legendary
Silk Road, Crusader Castles, Saladin’s Fortress, souks and great food
You are most welcome to join us.
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