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Happy Snaps
we have such a laugh on our trips, these are some photos group
members thought should be on the website!
[a new idea- thanks to ladies of Raj2-08]

and a beautiful photo journal of 2008
We are slowly getting back into the groove again.  I must say, I miss the hustle and
bustle and colour, it seems very quiet where we are.... This will give you a laugh.  I went
into the local Indian shop for spices (I’m hooked) etc. today and sitting on the counter
were the very same chapati warmers we bought in Pushkar. We had a wonderful trip,
you made it so easy and enjoyable for us all.  The knowledge you shared with us about
India is invaluable, especially to those of  us  who love the history and customs of a
place.  From a little knowledge comes a better understanding and from there it opens
up our minds to  even more. We know from friends who have travelled in India that we
had it good.  They tease us and say it’s not the real deal unl
ess you go up the wall
trying to get on trains and getting from A to B , but as we were told once by an old
bushie “ any mug can rough it”, we’d rather do it the way you had it organised, it’s very
Diana, Australia 2010

  • "Hi Fiona Thanks for sending the recipes. I'm looking for ward to using them. I
    had a wonderful trip and have many happy memories to enjoy in the future.
    Maybe we'll meet in India again one day. Thanks so much." Jill, Canada, Raj 09
  • Hi Fiona, We are all back home and all in one piece!...I have impressed some
    people with my cross stitch samples, but have to admit I haven't done anything
    else to it( does it count if I opened the bag once?) Leslie, Victoria, Aust.
  • "Hi Fiona Home at last, back at work, but still very jetlagged...I wanted to thank
    you for all the work and effort which you put into making the tour so terrific.  I
    have to say it is one of the best trips I have ever been on, and so artistically
Helen, Aust. Morocco-09
  • "I had a fantastic holiday and only wish that I was still there....Thankyou for a
    great trip and giving me the enthusiasm to travel once again.
I have so many wonderful memories." Sue, Aust. Vietnam Textile 2009

  • "Together with Parveen, her Indian tour associate, Fiona Wright shares her joy,
    understanding and respect of the Indian artisans and people of Rajasthan. The
    tour was well organised, comfortable and enriching. A taste of the visual, oral and
    aural abundance that is India. The workshop in Udaipur enabled me to fully
    appreciate the skill of Indian tie dye, block printing and embroidery skills thanks
    to the patience of Mr Yaqob and his family. From the past riches of the forts and
    palaces to the camel ride in the quiet desert, the orphanage at Pushkar and the
    glimpses into a variety of spiritual practices. I returned to Australia mesmerised,
    fascinated and just a little sad that it was all over so quickly. I highly recommend
    this" Jacky , 2007 Sydney Australia

  • "I arrived in India feeling quite nervous after receiving so many warnings prior to
    leaving home. Fortunately Fiona provided plenty of practical advice and after a
    short time I relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed my tour. I found most of the people
    we met friendly and helpful, pleased to show us their countryIn particular, the
    craftspeople enjoyed showing their skills and teaching some to us. The drivers
    were helpful and friendly. I saw so many fascinating places, people and things.
    They have given me so many ideas for projects it will keep me busy for years. I
    loved the cooking lessons and am hooked on Indian food. I'm planning
    cheesemaking lessons so I can make my favourite, palak paneer. What a great
    trip!" C. Cox, Newcastle, Aust. Raj, April, 07

  • "Well researched"- Lis, Newcastle, Aust. Raj,Nov, 07

  • "...I really enjoyed my holiday in India. We saw so much. Thank you very much.
Cheers Jocelyn" Jocelyn, NZ Raj, April 08

  • "Loved the experience of sitting and sewing with local people...some of the
    markets were mind boggling...Fiona's gentle explanations-what to expect and
    why along the way have been great.
I did some pre-reading so I was reasonably prepared but I loved the sociology lessons
along the way- enriched the whole experience."
"great emails reminding us to prepare properly, assistance with bartering."
Neoline, Victoria, Aust,TTVN-09
Celebrating Holi, The Festival of Colours.
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