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We are what we
repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is
not an act but a

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About us...
The partnership that is Creative Arts Safaris grew out of the creative interests of Fiona
Wright and the professional experience of Kanhiya Lal [Praveen Nayak to his mates].
Our travel agency, built on Praveen's 20 years of experience in the business- Their Indian Adventure Tours and
Travel opened in New Delhi in 2004
and  Creative Arts Safaris followed soon after.
Fiona and Parveen love to explore new places , looking for those interesting and special spots.
Now, that is another hard day in the office for us -researching their latest inspiring location-  what a day job!

Our team use words like passion and enthusiasm, interest and sharing often, this is our
common thread that links us to our work individually and to our teaching and sharing role
within the Creative Arts Safaris Tours. It is an outlook on life all of us have individually
chosen to follow and a view we like to share with our fellow travellers and students.

Fiona Wright is an artist who was based in Gresford, rural NSW, Australia and now calls Pushkar, India home.
From here and whilst on the road she pursues a Fine Arts practice; the medium in use is generally textile.
Fiona’s work is exhibited nationally and internationally; she has worked in textiles most
of her life and spent a long stint as a Steiner/Waldorf teacher.

Fiona and Praveen share a farm house near Pushkar, India. Life has changed a little -the day job is operating
Kayef Stitching Project - textile production project to create beautiful textile products and as much Fair Paid Local
work as they can, their excuse to run away is to lead a Creative Arts safari these days.
- one of the joys of their business is checking out good hotels, interesting venues and doing the tasting research
necessary to find good textiles and good dining experiences for their customers!

CV of Fiona Wright

Kanhiya Lal [Praveen Nayak to his mates] hails from the Shekawati area
of Rajasthan and now lives in Pushkar. He has spent much of the last twenty-five years working
in the tourism industry of North-western India, sharing his knowledge of this exciting area with some of India’s many
visitors. He now operates Kayef Stitching Project in Pushkar and Creative Arts Safaris.
In his spare time Parveen has a passion for good food and cooking, especially the regional specialties of Rajasthan.

Our Team

Dijanne Cevaal
A life in pursuit of textiles, travel and adventure, with the odd dose of good
food and enjoying  the ambiance of place sums up my passions- ohh and books.
I am  a practising textile artist, enthralled by the possibilities of textile, the history
of textile  and its cultural imperatives-  to understand the maker, know what
their hands know and delight in the visual dance of colour, line and texture.
I teach creative textile courses embracing many facets of textile practice and
am much inspired by the textile culture of third world countries. Once textiles
inspired the great caravan routes that traversed  the known lands, silk spoke
of richness and wealth, courts employed artisans to create fine embroideries in
threads of gold and silk, and  Indian printed fabrics were forbidden in the courts
of Europe under threat of death. This rich and exotic history still exists-  largely
shunned by the "industrialised"  west which has seen the maker separated from their
creation. It is my aim to revere the practises that still exist, to make textile a rich
experience in daily life.
CV of Dijanne Cevaal

Magie Relph and Bob Irwin
Magie is a UK-based patchwork artist, quilt maker and teacher.  When she first set
foot in an African market in 1984 she was immediately bitten by the “textile bug”.  
She continued to work and travel through Africa as an overland expedition cook,
piecing together scraps of fabrics bought from local tailors as she went.  In 1989 she
married Bob in Nairobi and in 1991 they settled in the UK.
Bob is a Canadian who started dreaming about Africa when he was only ten.  He
eventually got there as an overland expedition leader in the 80s, which is how he met
After four long trans-Africa trips and many shorter safaris, they retired from “the road”,
Bob to become a writer and technical author and Magie to pursue her passion for
textiles and design.
For Magie, what began as a hobby has evolved into a small fair trade business –
The African Fabric Shop.  Magie and Bob travel regularly in Africa, constantly
discovering, researching and buying African fabrics and beads.  They have written
numerous articles about African textiles and traditions and they’ve been told in no
uncertain terms to write a book.  They will!
Describing her involvement in Africa, Magie says, “I just want to buy fabrics I like from
people I like in a place that I love – Africa.”

Our Friends
We are very lucky to work with and call friend some extraordinary people....
if you are planning a trip to their part of the world [and not coming with us!] please contact
them, they are sure to be able to help make your trip memorable.

Mohamed Boudine

Based in Erfoud not far from the start of the Sahara, his favourite place, Mohamed is an travel operator who can
organise 4 wheel drive adventures, cook up a great dinner over an open fire, entertain you with many local stories
and just generally make your visit to Eastern Morocco a very memorable experience.
To contact Mohamed email He is happy to help with any questions or travel
plans in Morocco.

Hicham Gazahli
Born and bred in Fez, Hicham is completing his PhD in Literature, the focus
is the depiction of Fez in Literature through the ages. Working his way through
University he acts as a local guide in his spare time.
If you are visiting Fez, exploring it with Hicham will greatly add to
your appreciation of this fine city.
To contact Hicham email

Trinh Van Khanh [Khanh to his mates] hails from a peaceful village south of Hanoi.
His family grow rice and produce fine rice noodles and plenty of fresh vegetables on the family farm.
Khanh studied Business and Tourism in Hanoi where he now makes his home. He has a keen interest
in language, having taught himself English and French.
Khanh's passion is his home country and he likes nothing better than being able to share an insight
into its culture through forays into village life, he is a keen hiker and cycler and can arrange interesting
off-the-beaten track adventures throughout Vietnam.
One such trip is called "Highlights of North, Central and South Vietnam'- a 14 day tour
of Vietnamese highlights.
Creative Arts Safaris are pleased to have his local knowledge and enthusiasm as part
of our team.
To contact Khanh email He is happy to help with any
questions or travel arrangements in Vietnam.
Creative Arts Safaris
Home and office is
Our Pukka Place
5 Kishanpura Rd,
Chawandia Village
Pushkar, 305022
+91 [0] 97 84 773 749 [Fiona]
+91 [0] 98 68 080 318 [Parveen]
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