Welcome to Newsletter #3-2012….
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Of course it is designed to inspire you to consider joining our happy ranks of creative
safari-ists [and perhaps add a few new words to the dictionary!]

Also we hope to share a little inspiration and excitement for this wonderful world we
all share.

We intend to send the newsletter out 4 times a year…and found we could not name
them for the seasons as half our readers are on the other side of the planet!
So we will be sending them out at the solstices summer or winter- a day the world
turns on its head for everyone- being the longest day or night of the year it is the point
when your days start heading to the other extreme, and the equinoxes- those two
points in the year when we all experience a moment of balance- day and night are
exactly the same length.

These times of the year somehow mirror the human experience don’t they?- we often
swing from one extreme to another yet are hopefully seeking a balance- somewhere
special in between.

We hope our Creative Arts Safari offerings also help in searching for this elusive
balance- a time to experience something new, tap hidden recourses, refresh, unwind
and appreciate how lucky we all are. We all share a wonderful world!

Best wishes from
Fiona, Praveen and the Creative Arts Safaris Team

PS these newsletters are sent in a way to guard your privacy and will only come 4
times a year, in between keep an eye on this website for happenings.
If for any reason you would prefer not to receive them do let us know.
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